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Indirect Fired vs Direct fired heaters

“Direct Fired” heaters supply heated air mixed with combustion products and moisture which can be lethal with extended exposure and can cause damage to certain equipment and construction materials.

Commercial grade vs lighter duty heaters

Commercial grade heaters from Aerotech Herman Nelson are built to run continuously in the extreme conditions of Canada’s winters at industrial, oil/gas and construction sites.

Flameless vs Indirect Fired heaters

Flameless heaters are designed to provide the utmost in safety for use in high hazard areas such as oil/gas locations, mining, construction and agriculture where risk of explosion exists.

Nelson BT400 series vs other Indirect Fired heaters

The BT400 is a portable engine driven completely stand alone high efficiency heater with a thermostat controlled high heat rise that will operate where there is no power readily available and is ideal for aircraft cabin or engine pre-heating, remote site building or equipment heating.

How do I determine the fuel type to use (diesel, LP or natural gas)?

Diesel units are the most portable, produce the most heat are a the least affected by extreme temperature. Gas units can be considered when a suitable gas supply will be available at the site.

How do BTU’s, Airflow (CFM) and Static Pressure (w.c.) effect my decision regarding what heater to purchase?

BTU’s determine how much heat will be supplied and thus how large an area can be heated. Airflow determines how well the heat is distributed and how well the heater can dry the area.

Static Pressure determines how easily or far you can send the air especially important with long ducting runs.

What are the benefits of having recirculation capabilities?

Recirculation gives you the choice of heating outside air or recirculating the heated air from the space back to the heater for re-heating which can reduce fuel consumption significantly.

Sales & Shipping

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide

Can you ship products to remote locations?

Yes, Aerotech Herman Nelson has been shipping heaters to the most remote locations in the world from the tip of Alaska to the Antarctic and we have the experience to get the heater you need to you. We have shipped heaters to almost every location on every continent on earth.

How will I get service & maintenance parts shipped?

We have an extensive parts inventory and qualified people to help you with any issue. We can ship most parts to anywhere, often in 24 hours.

What shipping methods do you use?

Aerotech Herman Nelson has access to almost every carrier available and can ship by land, air or sea. We will work with you to obtain the most cost effective shipping method available.


How are Aerotech Herman Nelson products better than a competitor's?

Aerotech Herman Nelson has been manufacturing and supplying superior quality, high value indirect fired heaters for over 60 years. Our BT400 heater is the most trusted heater around the world with airlines, military, oil/gas and construction. It is the only true “off-the-grid” heater designed for brutal winter conditions. Aerotech Herman Nelson also has a complete line of superior quality flameless heaters, indirect fired heaters and our new All-In-One unit with lighting and power to handle every possible heating requirements.

Where is the company located, and can you handle my requirements?

Aerotech is located in Winnipeg, Canada and all our products are shipped from our facility here. Winnipeg routinely sees winter conditions with temperatures below -35C and we build and are able to test our equipment to perform in this. We can handle any and all requirements from a single heater to thaw trucks to large orders at industrial sites requiring hundreds of units.

Can you help me choose the best heater for my application?

We have a full staff of qualified and trained staff that can determine the right heater for your job. We can provide you with several options and explain the benefits of each which assures the heater you buy will be the most cost effective heating solution.

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