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BT 400 NEX Herman Nelson Heater User Guide Video

In this video you will learn how to properly operate your own BT 400 NEX Series of portable indirect heaters. Watch our technician guide you step by step on how to use our heaters in a safe and efficient manner. If you have any questions or need our guidance, there is a contact form on [...]
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Ground Support Equipment For Sale

Ground Support Equipment For Sale Can your heater make it through another extremely cold season? Is your heater in need of dire repair? It may be time to upgrade to a new Herman Nelson portable heater. The trusted name in the aviation industry the BT400 NEX SERIES. This unit of portable indirect fired heaters are now […]

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Flameless Heaters

Flameless Heaters – For Safety think Flameless Heaters

Flameless Heaters These units were originally developed to satisfy the risk management regulations that were being enforced in the oil industry. Once Flameless Heaters made their entrance, it quickly became the only heater that required 0 setback. Almost all other indirect fired heater had to be set back a minimum of 150 feet from the […]

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Aerotech Herman Nelson is proud to present…

Aerotech Herman Nelson would like to introduce our newest members of our sales team. After extensive recruitment, we are proud to introduce you to Alex Langford and Dennis Kissick Alex has many years in sales and sales management. Coming from a technical background, with emphasis on power, utilities, and heavy equipment. Alex has worked for […]

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Aerotech Herman Nelson is heading to the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show!

September 14 & 15, 2016 The Lloydminster Heavy Oil Show is the world’s premier showcase for Heavy Oil knowledge and technology. This show is situated on the border between the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and surrounded by thousands of producing heavy oil wells of both cold and thermal production. This leading edge technology exhibition […]

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Australian Antarctic Division: Leading Australia’s Antarctic Program

While searching online for Herman Nelson related information, I came across this site. Back in May 30, 2014, Cary had some trouble starting up his loader. After using our BT 400 NEX-G2 in Cary’s words “The loader started first go and we were home in time for lunch.” We are happy that we can help […]

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Happy Canada Day!

  Happy Canada Day to everyone I hope you all enjoyed Canada Day as much as we did. Here are some great pictures taken at our Canada Day picnic celebration.  

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Herman Nelson on Ice Pilots

With his plane frozen on the ground and his crew stranded, pilot Justin Simle gets harshly criticized for his poor planning. Watch this clip that we found on Youtube from the show “Ice Pilots”.