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Flameless Heaters

Flameless Heaters – For Safety think Flameless Heaters

Flameless Heaters - BT1.2M
Flameless Heaters – BT1.2M

Flameless Heaters

These units were originally developed to satisfy the risk management regulations that were being enforced in the oil industry.

Once Flameless Heaters made their entrance, it quickly became the only heater that required 0 setback. Almost all other indirect fired heater had to be set back a minimum of 150 feet from the drilling rigs. Our flameless heaters have the ability to be placed right next to the area you are working. This is due to the fact that our flameless heaters do not create flames to produce the heat. These technologically advance heaters are capable of heating both air and liquid with a market leading efficiency of over 90%. Our flameless Air heaters are designed to create and deliver a higher volume of clean dry air than other heaters can to the targeted environment.

Additionally, flameless heaters do not produce smelly or dangerous fumes. The heater air output is clean making them ideal for most applications. Our Flameless Heater have become the top choice for heating within the oilfield because of the safety, reliability, simple design and durability of our unique portable flameless heaters. Our heaters have already been tested and known to be capable of performing over 30,000 hours of successful operation.

The heat our flameless heaters produce has little to no moisture making it ideal for different application of heating areas such as well sites, building construction, killing bed bugs, drying flooded buildings, new construction or drying agricultural products.

We carry 3 great selections of Flameless Heaters 

The BT 375k – Flameless Heaters

Flameless Heaters - BT375K

The BT375K of Flameless Heaters produces 375,000 BTU’s. This unit is kubota diesel driven and provides unparalleled performance in every way.  The BT 375K has a run time of 26 hours at 100% load delivering a maximum air delivery rate of 2,500 CFM.

The outlet ducts measure 1 x 16″ diameter with four galvanized quick clamps.

See the full details of this flameless heater here or Download the brochure



The BT 700k – Flameless Heaters

Flameless Heaters - BT700K

The BT700K of Flameless heaters is a portbale diesel engine driven unit. This flameless heater is designed to deliver 700,000 BTU’s of heat. No flame means these units can be used in extremely hazardous locations.

Powered with John Deere 4048, 99HP industrial diesel engine. These units drive a durable hydraulic heat generation system. Flameless heaters provide completely safe heat at any location that demands the elimination of any chance of fume combustion or the ignition of flammable liquids and materials. High volumes of clean air at industry leading static pressures allow for long ducting runs. The BT700K is ideal for heating areas such as directly at oil rigs and well sites, building construction, drying flooded buildings, new construction, or drying agricultural products.

See the full details of this flameless heater here or Download the brochure

The BT 1.2M – Flameless Heaters

Flameless Heaters - BT1.2M

Introducing the BT 1.2M of the Flameless Heaters. This is the largest of our fleet of flameless heaters. This unit delivers 1,200,000 BTU’s of safe flameless heat. The unit is designed to deliver heat without flames for use in extremely hazardous locations.

The BT 1.2M Flameless Heat runs a  John Deere 6068, 200 HP industrial diesel engine. The flamless heat unit dives a durable hydraulic heat generation system where the heat is extracted from the fluid system, the engine coolant, the engine exhaust and the body of the engine for maximum efficiency.

All three of our flameless units are master controller operated with easy start up/shut down procedures. The industry leading automated louver system ensures correct outside air balance at all times without the need to manual adjustment delivering optimal operation efficiency.

See the full details of this flameless heater here or Download the brochure

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