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Keep your fleet airborne in cold weather. Whether it’s a float plane in Northern Ontario flying supplies and clients to a resort for a weekend, or a Boeing 737 on the ground waiting to take tired families and crew home. Have the confidence of knowing you’re using the world’s most reliable portable heaters, supported by the most recognized name in the portable heater industry — Aerotech Herman Nelson. For over 70 years Herman Nelson has been the first name in preheating aircraft engines.

Oil & Gas

Oil exploration and extraction rarely happens in convenient locations. Our line of Flameless heaters are the only option for mission critical and potentially explosive environments. Designed to provide the utmost in safety they can provide reliable heat in the harshest environments.


Our standalone BT400 series and Flameless heaters are the smart solution for companies involved in mining exploration. Our heaters can work safely without reliance on a power grid giving you freedom from reliance on any available infrastructure. Remember the Herman Nelson name was established when the US Military required portable standalone heaters in far off and remote locations.


Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the work stops. Construction companies large and small require reliable safe portable heat to keep the job running on time. Poured concrete, plaster work, tile work and other materials cannot be allowed to freeze and must be properly cured or stored. Aerotech Herman-Nelson heaters keep your work crews on the job, warm and on the time-line.

Emergency Services

If it’s your job is to be ready for disasters you want your department to have portable heat, light and power as a tool in your belt. The ability to generate heat and light and power on demand can literally save lives. When buildings lose heat in cold weather infrastructure can rapidly degrade creating costly repairs. When disaster strikes you will be ready with an Aerotech Herman Nelson unit. Keep the heat on.


Moist grains will quickly rot while sitting in the grain bin due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria which begin to generate heat. For example, wheat must be stored at a moisture content below 15%.  Raising the temperature 1 C will lower the relative humidity by up to 5 per cent with the right heating equipment. Call Aerotech Herman Nelson today for a solution to your temporary grain drying needs.


The “Original” Herman Nelson heater was engineered to stringent U.S. military specifications. This design has been in continuous improvement for over 60 years. Herman Nelson heaters have been in use by military for aircraft pre-heating and keeping personnel warm worldwide and are continuously in use in numerous locations including Afghanistan.

Pest Control

Hot air treatment is now recognized as the safest and most economical method of sterilizing properties infested with unwanted guests. Aerotech Herman Nelson heaters can be equipped with remote temperature sensors which allow pest control contractors to hold and maintain the required temperatures needed to rid buildings of: bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, rodents and other nuisances.


A temporary portable heater can play a critical role in protecting shipping assets. When a ship hold needs to be dried out in a timely fashion and made ready for new cargo, portable heat is the solution. Many perishable commodities can be ruined when subjected to freezing conditions. Aerotech Herman Nelson can size and recommend the right equipment for your requirements.

Water Damage

Whether it’s a wet basement floor or a clean up after an unforeseen event, heat will speed things up. If you’re in the business of site restoration and damage recovery you need commercial grade equipment delivering high volumes of heated air that is reliable and efficient. Aerotech Herman Nelson can supply the equipment to meet your company’s needs.

Rental Services

Rental companies depend on reliable and efficient equipment to generate the income they require to remain profitable. Aerotech has a variety of flameless heaters and indirect fired heaters with or without generators and high performance LED light towers allowing rental companies to offer their customer’s the very best performing equipment to get their jobs completed on time.


Trucking fleet owners need their equipment ready for action at all times. More and more trucking firms are relying on Herman Nelson heaters to heat the engines and drivelines of their trucks and heavy equipment when extreme cold temperatures prevent this equipment from starting.


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